Services and specialisations

Translation and proofreading

I offer translation and proofreading services for a variety of texts, including blog posts, marketing emails, web pages, and brochures.

Subtitling and QC

I provide subtitles for films, series, documentaries, and other content such as web videos. I’m also available for QA and QC work. In terms of software, I have experience using Subtitle Edit, Wincaps Q4 and several cloud-based editors provided by clients.


Previous and ongoing projects include:

  • Translating short articles on nutrition and health.
  • Translating blog posts featuring recipes and healthy meal ideas.
  • Marketing translations: translating and proofreading web pages and emails promoting various businesses and products, e.g. training courses, clothing, and IT services.
  • Quality Control (QC) for language assets (subtitles and/or dubs) for feature films, documentaries, and series, maintaining quality and consistency across episodes and seasons. (7000+ minutes of video)
  • QC verification: approving QC’d translations and performing final quality checks. (3000+ minutes of video)
  • Translation and QC for trailers/teasers.
  • Subtitle QC for a talk show.
  • Subtitle translation and Quality Assurance (QA) of subtitles for various series and films, including comedy, horror, drama, science fiction, and children’s shows. (4000+ minutes of video)
  • Translating and proofreading holiday home descriptions and marketing texts for the tourism industry. (Translated 50,000+ words, proofread 10,000+ words)
  • Subtitle translation and QA for documentaries about food and health.
  • Subtitle translation and QA for a web series.
  • Proofreading translated mindfulness exercises.
  • Writing bilingual blog posts about food and cooking. (Unpaid; hobby project)
  • Subtitle creation for TED talks (translation, transcription and proofreading) as part of TED’s Open Translation Project. (Unpaid; volunteer work)